We hope you’re having a great summer! Summer is a good time to vacation, soak up some much needed vitamin D and take a small break from your job search since it’s traditionally the slowest time of year for hiring. However, with fall just around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about the best way to prepare for the fall job search season.

Historically, fall is the busiest time of year for hiring. It’s the final push for companies to hire a great team in preparation for the New Year. Most companies also have a good understanding of their Q4 hiring budgets so they are ready to go. Whether you are a recent grad or ready to make a change, this is a perfect time to start looking. The more you can do NOW to prepare yourself the better suited you’ll be to stand out.

Below are some helpful tips on how to best prepare yourself for fall hiring:

BE INTENTIONAL. Before sending out your resume to multiple recruiters and companies, it’s a good time to stop and think through what you really want. Take some time to consider what has made you happy in previous roles and what wasn’t working. What type of culture, responsibilities and industries most excite you? Be intentional about your next step - let your next job find you!

BE PROACTIVE. Once you have an idea of the type of role, company and culture you’re looking for, start thinking about the type of companies that might be a match. Make a list of companies or contacts that you intend on reaching out to. How does your Linkedin look? If it needs some updating, dedicate some time to sprucing it up (Not sure how? Check out our blog post  for some good ideas.) Make sure you’re also presenting yourself appropriately on social media. (For tips, click  here. )

DO YOUR RESEARCH. Go on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook and start following companies that interest you. Check out job boards weekly to get an idea of open jobs in the sector you’re interested in. Research recruiting agencies that specialize in your industry and roles and decide which agency feels right to work with. Check out where your friends work and get an idea of open jobs at their companies. Find out what companies just raised a round of funding and will likely be hiring in the Fall. Be informed!  

REVISE YOUR RESUME. Get your resume ready to go. Update it with your most recent achievements and activities. Have a friend look it over to make sure it reads well. Don’t forget to PDF it. (Need some help with your resume? Check out our sample resumes here for help).

NETWORK. Start reaching out to people in your network that you think can help. Send your resume to your favorite recruiter letting them know you’re back on the market and be very clear on the type of roles and salary ranges you’re seeking. Start sending friendly messages to people in your Linkedin network that are in hiring positions. Put yourself out there and go to Meetups, networking events, coffee chats etc. The Fall is also busy with all kinds of events so it’s a great time to go to non-traditional ‘networking’ events like fundraisers, sporting events or city events to meet new people that could potentially help. Every social experience should be seen as an opportunity to meet someone new.

SET A TIMELINE. Start sending resumes out in mid to late August. Create a realistic time frame to find a new job and write it down. Create a checklist of action items you are going to accomplish that will get you to your goal.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Refresh those interviewing skills. Practice in front of the mirror or do some roleplaying with a family member or a friend. Get yourself comfortable selling your skills. (Need further interview tips? Check out our tips here).

Enjoy the last of your summer and remember that searching for a job can be fun and easy! It just takes some preparation.

Check out Bloom Talent’s open jobs if you’re ready to start now! We’d love to connect with you.