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  • Bloom Talent is hands down the best recruiting firm I have ever worked with. I was coming to a point in my career where I needed to make a major change or I would find myself in another personally unfulfilling role. Thankfully, Bloom Talent reached out and presented to me what is now my dream job. I didn't know it was possible to love my work this much! They supported me through the entire process and still continue to be in touch. Bloom Talent opened my eyes to an entirely new industry and opportunity. I am beyond grateful. I really have bloomed! Whenever I have the chance, I recommend Amanda and her team.
    — Nicole, SF Incubator
  • As a hopeful candidate, my first meeting with Bloom Talent gave me confidence that we were a team looking for my new work family. Bloom Talent takes you as a person into consideration, not just your skill set or characteristics, and syncs you with roles that match you as a whole. This sets a tone that says I'm not just a paycheck and these people care about my future happiness which isn't the feeling I've gotten from other recruiting groups. Thanks for everything, this was an amazing experience that I'm passing on to my network.
    — Mallory, SF Tech Company
  • Bloom Talent was such a delight to work with. Their knowledge of myself and the companies they recommended to me were always spot on. The prep emails they would send could not be more detailed and they were readily available for phone calls whenever I had feedback or questions. I am so happy at the company they found for me and if there ever is a time in the future I am looking again, I would work with Bloom Talent again in a heartbeat.
    — Alexandria, Tech Startup
  • I loved working with Bloom Talent during my job hunt! They were very responsive and worked very hard to help me find a position that was a great fit for me. The job hunt process was much less stressful knowing that I had Bloom Talent on my side. I would happily recommend Bloom Talent!
    — Kristen, Marketing Company
  • Bloom Talent was an absolute gem to work with. They are intelligent, well connected, and genuine women. The process of job hunting can be a real drag. It's so easy to get down on yourself, and Bloom Talent was always there to be a listening ear and a comforting voice full of support and empathy. If I ever felt defeated, Bloom Talent was there to help me keep moving forward! It's so important to have someone in your corner who's there to help you keep that job search momentum going full blast. Bloom Talent helped me find the perfect job at French Girls! There isn't a day that goes by that I don't feel validated and appreciated in my current role. I'm so thankful for Bloom Talent.
    — Jenni, Social Media Startup

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