You have just started your search for your next dream job. You’ve put in the effort: updating your resume to highlight your expertise, networking with everyone you meet, and lining up your references for glowing reviews.

Together, all of these things help create the “full-package” that you are presenting to future employers. But there is one last step in the process: your social media presence.

In January we discussed the importance of creating a polished Linkedin. Now more than ever, employers are using every-and-all forms of social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, personal Blogs, and even Bumble, yes, your dating profile could be seen!) to get further insight into who is in their candidate pool. (Check out this awesome data infographic from on how Social Media is being used by employers.)

Below are Bloom Talent’s do’s and don’t’s for creating a professional social presence while on the job hunt.

Do use social media to express your personal “brand”.

Social Media can often be our “first impression.” Make yours work for you! As with every other aspect of job hunting - Social Media is no exception - you must be intentional in your presentation, this is your public portfolio.  

  • Do highlight yourself as an industry expert or thought leader through written work or by initiating thought-provoking conversation. (ex. LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog, personal website.)

  • Do showcase your extracurriculars and interests - the Volunteer Group you are involved in, the Leadership award you won, or the photo of your summit of Kilimanjaro.

  • Do post photos where you look organized, polished, and well behaved. Make Grandma proud.

  • Do “Google” yourself to understand what’s out there and to cover your bases.

Do use social media to build your network.

  • Do connect to the brands you identify with, leaders you admire, or to better understand a company’s culture and values. (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • Do endorse others: colleagues, brands, causes (and gain endorsement in return).

  • Do connect with others whose backgrounds align with your future goals. Be intentional and genuine in your outreach, most people love to be a resource for others.

Don’t overshare.

If you wouldn’t be comfortable casually scrolling your Instagram during an interview with a CEO, you shouldn’t give them the ability to do so outside of the interview.

  • Don’t post public content of a sexual nature. (Yes, rethink even the gym selfie.) Putting your best-dressed self forward can be an indicator to the professionalism you bring to the office.

  • Don’t post “jokes”’ or commentary that may be taken offensively or misconstrued. And on that note - monitor what others are posting to your media as well.

  • Don’t post or discuss about illegal activities, even if joking.

Finally, Don’t be afraid to unplug.

If you don’t have time to curate your public presence, make it private until you do!

Social media is a great way for us to express ourselves, our freedoms, our character and our pride. While on the job hunt however, it also becomes a powerful tool for selling ourselves so be sure to sell your professional strengths, showing how you best stand out!

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