In today’s competitive market, in order to attract top talent, it requires an intentional hiring process (see our blog post on 6 Steps to Hiring the Best People Ever). A great job description is the first step in this process. Writing and posting job descriptions can be time-consuming and often neglected. However, job posts are a critical step in the hiring process that should not be overlooked in order to attract the right candidates.

Job posts are often the first impression a candidate has with your company, which means your posting should be engaging and compelling. Here are some key steps on how to write an effective job description that will bring in quality candidates!

  • Play it straight with the job title. Candidates need to understand what you’re looking for.

  • Be conversational! Imagine you’re speaking to a friend about this job. How would you explain the job, his/her responsibilities, company culture, etc.?

  • Show candidates that they’ll make an immediate impact. Be sure to highlight how this new hire will grow, learn and contribute to the company right off the bat.

  • Be specific. Include the necessary skills, education, and qualifications in order to attract candidates with the level of experience you are seeking for the role.

  • Paint a picture of your company’s culture. Be sure to show off your company’s personality into the description. Also include company benefits and perks to help sell top candidates on why they should choose your company.

  • Post and share! We recommend you post on your personal and company’s social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Also leverage your network by messaging and encouraging your employees, previous colleagues and your friends to share on your behalf. Invite them to spread the word in their social networks to see if they know of any great candidates who would be interested in the role.

For reference here is a sample job description we used when we were hiring for an internal Recruiting Coordinator at Bloom Talent.

Title: Recruiting Coordinator for Bloom Talent

As the Recruiting Coordinator you will work closely with the Bloom Talent team in a fast-paced, startup environment. Bloom Talent is a boutique recruiting agency that partners with clients to help find Administrative, Operational and HR talent. This position is an integral partner in managing recruiting activities and building candidate relationships, providing candidates with their first impression.

About the job:

The ideal candidate is an organizational rockstar that can work effectively with internal and external clients and candidates. This person should have great verbal and written communication skills, be able to shift gears at a moment's notice, and enjoys working at a fast pace. This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to broaden their experience and work in an exciting, growing organization. This person should love being at Inbox Zero and iterating on processes for optimal efficiency.


  • Partner with recruiters to schedule all aspects of the recruiting process: phone screens, interviews, post-interview follow-up, etc.

  • Communicate interview details to candidates, ensuring that they have all necessary information including scheduling, interview preps, and post-interview feedback.

  • Provide follow-up correspondence to candidates on recruiting status via phone and email.

  • Vet resume submissions and schedule initial phone screens.

  • Update candidate records in the Applicant Tracking System and Google Drive.

  • Go above and beyond to ensure an exceptional experience for all candidates/clients, including writing thank you notes, sending client/candidate gifts, etc.

  • Post jobs on job boards.

  • Attend networking events to promote our brand.

  • Special Projects as needed (create website content, recruiting materials, branding, etc.).


  • Bachelor's Degree is preferred.

  • Passion and energy level to support multitasking in a fast-paced environment with high attention to detail and follow up.
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, startup environment.

  • Familiarity working with an Applicant Tracking System, Google Applications, Slack and a Task Manager (Asana, Trello, BaseCamp, etc.) is preferred.

  • Excellent verbal, written, customer service and organizational skills.

  • Integrity while handling confidential information. 

For more tips, check out Bloom Talent's Resources page! 

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