Rejection is a normal part of life. For most of us, it begins as early as preschool and carries on throughout every aspect of life.

While it is natural to become discouraged, it is crucial to realize that job rejection is not an indication of your ability, worth, or future.  

Especially in job hunting, rejection is part of the process. We have put together some tips on how to stay positive and motivated during your job search when you experience rejection.


You are allowed to be disappointed. Maybe it was a stretch and you knew you didn’t have the right experience, but it is OK to feel disapointed.  Wallow a bit and get it out of your system. Find a healthy outlet to release your frustration like a yoga class or calling a good friend. Just know, it gets easier, your skin grows thicker, and you’re able to bounce back faster.

It’s not personal. Do not let job rejection define you. You are no less intelligent, interesting or unique because a company did not hire you. While it is cliche to say, the job market is so competitive and the qualifications and experience of other candidates could have been stronger.

Reflect on what didn’t go right. It is good to ask yourself questions to try and better understand why you were rejected. Try to gather feedback from your performance, if possible.  Sometimes it is just not the right fit, but other times it is good to acknowledge what went wrong. Was there something in your control that you could have done differently? How can you better prepare next time?

Use the rejection as motivation. It helps to turn discouragement into incentive. Prove them wrong. Work a little bit harder on your resume, ask a few more people out for coffee and reach out on LinkedIn - even if it feels a little uncomfortable.  For the most part, people innately like to talk about themselves and they also like to help others.

Be open minded and put yourself out there. Never say never. Don’t knock something until you try it. Sometimes through rejection you realize other opportunities you may not have considered.  We encourage, especially if you are new to the job market, to keep an open mind. You may find that an opportunity you hadn't considered is the right fit.

It wasn’t meant to be. We believe things happen for a reason and everyone has a path they are destined to take. If this job wasn’t it, it just means ‘your’ job is still waiting for you. Keep moving forward.   

Proceed with intention. Take each opportunity as a learning experience and understand that if you are following all of the right steps, your path will lead you to the right opportunity. It is important that you are intentionally thinking through each step and understand that setbacks are part of the process. Be patient with yourself and keep a positive mindset.

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