Here at Bloom Talent, we are firm believers in the importance of reflection and we encourage one another and our candidates to do it daily. Why? Because when it comes to reflecting on your day, your life, what you’ve been doing right, and what isn’t working, you are able to continuously improve and live a much happier, healthier life!

There are many reasons why reflection is so important, below are just a few:

Reflection can help you learn from your mistakes. If we don’t reflect on our mistakes, it is inevitable that we will repeat them. However, if we reflect on those mistakes, figure out what went wrong, see how we can prevent them in the future, we can use our mistakes to get better. We can learn from our mistakes and treat them as a learning tool, instead of doing something to feel embarrassed or upset about. Reflection is an important way to do that.

Reflection makes you happier. If you reflect on the things you did right, on your successes, that allows you to celebrate every little success. It allows you to realize how much you’ve done right, the good things you’ve done in your life. Without reflection, it’s too easy to forget these things, and focus instead on our failures.

Reflection gives you perspective. Often we are caught up in the troubles or constant on the go of our daily lives. A mistake or high-pressure project can seem like it means all the world. It can overwhelm us, but if we take a minute to step back, take a deep breath and reflect on these problems, and how in the grand scheme of things they don’t mean all that much, it can calm us down and lower our stress levels. We gain perspective, and that’s a good thing!

Ways you can make reflection a daily habit? Simple, start a journal and get into the habit of writing down your reflections daily. It will soon become a habit that you’ll love. Journaling helps crystallize those reflections. A piece of paper, a pencil, a cup of tea and a quiet five minutes at the end of the day could make all the difference. Exercise! Whether you are a runner or a soul-cycler, even consider just taking a walk and using that time for reflection. Reflecting during exercise can be a great way to take that time to think about your life, and your work.

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