Last month, Bloom Talent moved into our new office and we learned a great deal about how to set up and manage a functioning office. Our previous space was in a co-working office and we largely benefited from the perks of having someone else oversee and manage all of the office admin logistics. Needless to say, it was refreshing to be reminded of just how much office managers do.

At Bloom Talent we love helping our clients find great office managers! A successful hire can add value immediately and set your company up for success. Here's how:

  • Front Desk Management: Office Managers can sit at the front and set the tone for your guests, establishing a good first impression. They can greet your guests, organize mail, manage conference room schedules and answer phones.

  • Vendor Management: A good office manager not only sets up your vendors but negotiates rates and asks around for good referrals. The types of vendors they can help set up include; cleaning services, IT, catering, water delivery, property management, security etc.  

  • Ordering Supplies: An office manager is responsible for ordering all the necessary items for an office and creates a good tracking system so re-orders are timely. Supplies can include anything and everything from paper clips and pens, to desks, shelves, computers and printers.  

  • IT Support: Setting up and maintaining WiFi can be a big time suck so it’s really helpful to have your Office Manager manage this process. They also are a good liaison between your IT support services and the needs of your office.

  • Company Culture: A huge selling point to potential candidates interviewing at your company and a way to retain current employees is to establish and maintain a strong company culture. The Office Manager is responsible for creating and sustaining a thriving office culture. Good Office Managers will weave the company's mission and values into the company culture. Things like celebrating employee anniversaries and birthdays, planning monthly and quarterly team events, organizing lunch and learns and finding creative ways to boost office morale are all things an Office Manager can do.

  • Miscellaneous: Any Office Manager will tell you that they ‘wear many hats’. You name it, they do it! Building Ikea furniture, scheduling Task Rabbit’s when said Ikea furniture is too complicated, running to the nearest hardware store, helping with social media and anything else that needs to get done. They are behind the scenes. Make sure to thank them and thank them a lot!

If it sounds like your company is ready to hire an Office Manager - let’s discuss how Bloom Talent can help. Check out our website for more information.